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Rangoon Movie Review!



Rangoon, directed by Vishal Bhardwaj and starring Kangana Ranaut, Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan is the big, Bollywood release this week.

Rangoon is the story of Julia(Kangana Ranaut),  who is a star and is in a toxic relationship with her producers. To boost the morale of Queens Army stationed in Burma, Julia is asked to perform and sent with her troop against her will.

She rides a horse across a stage near the India-Burma (Myanmar) border, blindfolds herself to throw knives at targets several feet away, bashes up bad guys, mud wrestles with a muscular soldier and runs swiftly atop a moving train.


There she falls in love with her bodyguard Subedaar Nawab Malik and thus begins a love triangle. Directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, the film brings back the flavour of the 40’s with its music and Gulzar’s writing.

When Rusi Bilmoria (Saif Ali Khan), an ex-film star who has been just a producer since an on-set accident, finds out that his fiance, the love of his life Miss Julia also the top star of his company, has cheated on him with a soldier, Jamadar Nawab Malik (Shahid Kapoor), he turns his head silently towards his woman and looks at her with eyes red with grief, shock and the rage of a thousand suns.




Their journey from the lavish film sets in Bombay to the war-torn borders of Burma is pitted by intrigue and rivalry, featuring a dazzling sword, the forces of the INA, and Miss Julia’s morale-boosting acts for the ‘boys in the fauj.’

The intention of Vishal Bharadwaj’s ambitiously mounted film is clear: to weave the skeins of love and war in order to make a movie full of throbbing passion and grand statements. But the execution never quite matches up, the gap narrowing in just a few places, in the second half.

However, for the film to be compelling all the way, it needed us to root for Julia and Nawab, not Julia and Rusi, but the chemistry between Ranaut and Kapoor is strangely lukewarm. And Kapoor deadpans his way through the role, which is inexplicable considering that he is emerging here from a career best performance in Haider (2014) helmed by the same director.


Rangoon collections dropped by  93.79% in its second week. In week two movie grossed only 1.20 crores nett. The lifetime business will not be more than 21 crores. The business of Rangoon till date is as follows.

Day 1 – 5.06 Cr

Day 2 – 4.75 Cr

Day 3 – 4.50 Cr

Day 4 – 1.40 Cr

Day 5 – 1.25 Cr

Day 6 – 1.195 Cr

Day 7 – 1.195 Cr

Week 1 – 19.35 Cr

Day 8 – 0.15 Cr

Day 9 – 0.30 Cr

Day 10 – 0.30 Cr

Week 2 – 1.20 Cr

Total – 20.75 Cr