Rs. 128.76 CR





After a lot of rescheduling, King Khan is finally back on screen with Raees, and theatres across India have gone full-house even after the fact that Shah Rukh Khan has not been up to his best lately. A child works at a shop which brews adulterated drinks observes the death of many before he realises it is me he gets his act right. He decides not to work there again and decides to go for the branded boles. However, this me he decides to help smuggle branded boles into Gujarat. He quickly shoots his way up to fame (or infamy) as he becomes a name to reckon with.

On the other hand, ACP Jaydeep Majumdar (Nawazuddin Siddique) has been transferred mulple mes, and this me around he decides to bring an end to social degenerates. What follows is a list of encounters between Raees and Majumdar, and one clichéd dialogue aer another. Now, just like Once upon a Time in Mumbai, Raees shows us the magnanimity in a villain- a bootlegger who refuses to do anything that kills people.

No one else really plays any major role. Nawazuddin has worked his up the ladder and anything he touches turns to gold. And the Midas touch is what has eluded King Khan for a few years now. ‘Not everyone who grows older grows younger’ is an apt aphorism for SRK who has to work on his image and gold-rimmed glasses to make an impact on the audience. Raees ends just like any movie with an an-hero ends.

This movie is only a one time watch and that too if you do not buy the popcorn and the coke because a retrograde movie like this should not cost you a kidney. A 2.5 for this movie because it finally ends the hoopla about how good it could have been. And half a star extra for Nawazuddin Siddiqqui.


 Raees ends with the collection of total 128.76 Crores.This is the total collection of 5 weeks. Day wise collection of Raees is a as follows:

Day 1 – 20.25 Cr

Day 2 – 26 Cr

Day 3 – 13 Cr

Day 4 – 15.50 Cr

Day 5 – 17.25 Cr

Day 6 – 6 Cr

Day 7 – 5.25 Cr

Day 8 – 4.06 Cr

Day 9 – 2.74 Cr

Day 10 – 2.75 Cr

Day 11 – 4 Cr

Day 12 – 4.75 Cr

Day 13 – 1.50 Cr

Day 14 – 1.25 Cr

Week 2 – 15.90 Cr

Day 17 – 0.30 Cr

Day 18 – 0.60 Cr

Day 19 – 0.85 Cr

Week 3 – 2.49 Cr

Week 4 – 0.27 Cr

Week 5 – 0.05 Cr

Total – 128.76 Cr