How Much Losses Has Tublelight Suffered?


Tubelight is one of those rare Salman Khan films that has not done well at the box office. When the film started with the 20 crore figure on the first day, cracks were visible that film will not cover much ground from here on. However, it wasn’t expected that Tubelight will have these low collections and will fold around the 120 crore mark at the domestic box office. Salman Khan has set colossal expectations of 300+ crores and with a 20 crore start, it was expected that at least 175-225 crore lifetime figure will be achieved. However, this did not happen.


Tubelight is one such film where producers are in huge profits but distributors are in losses. We will analyse both these scenarios. As per reports, producers have agreed to compensate for the losses of the distributors which is a good gesture. 


The profit for the producers are : 

Budget = 110 crores

Domestic Theatrical Rights (A) – 132 crores

Overseas Business = 45 crores

Overseas Distributor Share (B) = 22 crores 

Other Revenues (Music, Satellite etc.) (C) = 70 Crores (Estimated) 

Profit = A+B+C-Budget 

Profit = 104 Crores

Return On Investment = 94.54 %


The producers have got huge profits in excess of 100 crores which is a rarity in today’s times. But, Tubelight has achieved this rare thing mostly on the star power of Salman Khan


The losses for distributors are :

Domestic Rights = 132 crores

Domestic Business = 117 crores (Expected)

Domestic Share = 60 crores (Expected)

Losses = 72 crores


It is estimated that the producers have decided to compensate the producers with 50-55 crores so that the losses for distributors are fairly minimal. This is good to maintain further relations with them as the producers will have to release their film in a short span and distributors are their future road to success.