Rs. 86.50 CR


Kaabil Movie Review



Kaabil starring Hrithik Roshan, Yami Gautam, Ronit Roy and Rohit Roy has finally seen it’s release. It faces a big storm in the form of Raees. Will it manage to stay afloat or the boat will sink? Nothing can be predicted because nothing can be differentiated in terms of both the films. But, let’s start the review for Kaabil. 

Specially disabled people often face social injustice. This is the backdrop of Kaabil. The backdrop is a strong one. Rohan is blind but has amazing smelling and direction sense. He falls in love with Supriya, also a visually impaired person. However, the local goon Madhavrao’s brother Amit takes advantage of Supriya’s lack of sight. Rohan takes desperate measures to take revenge. Will revenge be possible despite the unfair circumstances? Find out in Kaabil.

The film has been directed by Sanjay Gupta. It is a decent affair if not great. The film takes a smooth transition from a romantic film to a thriller. First half is very good and there are various twists and turns. However, second half turns into a predictable mode. You can figure out the next scene a mile before. The climax is a bit stretched and predictable. Overall, the direction is good in the first half but falls short of expectations. 

Hrithik Roshan strikes the chord with the audience with his career best performance. He nails Rohan with his midas touch. Yami Gautam repeats her Badlapur’s perfomance in the extended form. Ronit Roy and Rohit Roy deliver what is expected out of them. They were undone by Hrithik Roshan but they were strong. Overall, the cast is apt for such kind of a film.

On the whole, Kaabil is a touch competition for Raees but it might for short of it in the long run. Hrithik Roshan tries to save the sinking boat of Kaabil in the second half and does it well. 3 stars from our side!


Kaabil earned Rs.0.11 Crores in the Fifth week. And with this the Business of Kaabil comes to Rs. 86.50 Crores. Business of Kaabil till date is as follows-

 Day 1 – 7.75 Cr

Day 2 – 16 Cr

Day 3 – 7.50 Cr

Day 4 – 10.75 Cr

Day 5 – 12.25 Cr

Day 6 – 4 Cr

Day 7 – 3.50 Cr

Day 8 – 1.815 Cr

Day 9- 2.175 Cr

Day 10- 2.50 Cr

Day 11 – 4 Cr

Day 12 – 5.25 Cr

Day 13 – 1.50 Cr

Day 14 – 1.35 Cr

Week 2 – 16.66 Cr

Day 17 – 0.60 Cr

Day 18- 1.00 Cr

Day 19 – 1.25 Cr

Week 3 – 4.10 Cr

Week 4 – 0.45 Cr

Week 5 -0.11 Cr

Total – 86.50 Cr