Rs. 19.25 CR


Jagga Jasoos Collections


Jagga Jasoos started decently, if not great, on Day 1. It collected 8.25 crores on Day 1. The start was similar to Barfi, which released 5 years back. The release strategy was quite similar to Barfi, but Jagga Jasoos had more screens to it. All in all, it was just a decent start as Jagga Jasoos is riding on a high budget. 


Film started well on Day 2 with 40% occupancy in the morning shows and grew with each passing show. Moreover, Jagga Jasoos showed growth in the range of 35% which is commendable. It showed that Jagga Jasoos can’t be written off like Bombay Velvet. It’s sure that a Disaster is not on the cards as even a big fall on Monday will allow it to crawl to a 40-45 crore figure, which would mean a FLOP and not a DISASTER. The growth is huge for a film like Jagga Jasoos as it is mainly for the 5 metro audience. Film collected 11 crores on Day 2 which is again similar to Barfi. 


Jagga Jasoos has started extremely well on Day 3. It has opened to 55% occupancy which is an extremely good news. When samples are compared to Saturday, there is a growth of about 40% in the morning shows. However, 40% growth for the day will be tough as tomorrow is a working day and there will surely be a drop in occupancy in the night shows. A 20% growth will be an ideal scenario and anything above that will be powerful for the weekdays to come! Thus, we are looking at 13-14 crore Sunday and the weekend is heading for a 32.5-33 crore finish. All eyes will be on weekdays from here on!



Day 1 – 8.25 Crores

Day 2 – 11 Crores

Total – 19.25 Crores

Day 3 – 13.5 Crores (Expected)