‘It’s Human Nature To Favour Your Loved Ones’, says Aamir on Nepotism!


Karan-Kangana war and words are not hidden from anyone. There have been a lot of talks and replies they got from each other and even from a lot of industry people!

At a press conference, when Aamir was asked about his views on ‘Nepotism’, he says “ In general, I think it’s a very normal human emotion to try and help people who you love and care for. It doesn’t have to be someone who is part of your family, it could be someone you care for. It’s a very natural emotion. I try to make sure that in my work, I don’t let it interface. As a creative person, I am responsible to my audience and I give huge importance to that. I try not to bring emotions in my work.”

When quizzed if he would mentor the four girls whom he launched in Bollywood, Aamir added, “I hope not, since I feel all four of them are very talented. They are very bright and intelligent girls. I don’t think they need my advice but if they do, then I am always there for them. I hope they have wonderful careers. They will be assets to the industry.”

While Karan Johar has been perceived as someone who perpetuates nepotism by launching his friends, Aamir, in most of his productions, has backed new talent, the most recent example being Dangal.

However, he did launch his nephew, Imran Khan, in the film, Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na.