Rs. 11 CR


Hindi Medium Collections


Hindi Medium has done very well at the box office. Film started just like other small budget films with 2.5 crores coming in on the first day. Evening shows had given an indication that film will grow well on Day 2 and that is what exactly happened. Hindi Medium saw a growth in the range of 60% to come back with collections of 4 crores. The 4 crore number of Saturday has given it a chance to have a decent 4 week run in theatres which will allow the film to gross the 35-40 crore easily, if not more. 


Sunday had to be affected due to the IPL final in the evening but Hindi Medium remained unaffected due to the final. Infact, Hindi Medium saw growth coming in despite the IPL final. Film collected 4.5 crores which means a decent 10-15% growth from the previous day. Had it been a normal Sunday, it would have overhauled the 5 crore mark as well. But, it’s never too late and Hindi Medium now has a chance to collect a little more than Friday on Monday. It should look at the 2.75-3 crore Monday since screening has also been increased in the key areas to get more people to the theatres. 


The weekend was 11 crores and Hindi Medium will be eyeing the 21-22 crore Week 1 figure from here on. First Monday and Second Weekend will decide where Hindi Medium is headng to. 


Day 1 – 2.5 Cr

Day 2 – 4 Cr

Day 3 – 4.5 Cr

Total – 11 Cr