Rs. 30.25 CR


Half Girlfriend Collections


Half Girlfriend has performed decently at the box office, if not great. The film had a strong start on Friday with 10 crores coming in. Any decent growth of 15-20% would have helped it’s cause here on but the film just grew 2.5% which is average growth. The areas where the film was strong on Day 1 saw drops close to 5-10% and others grew by 10-15% making it an average growth.


Sunday was to be affected by the IPL final match and that is what exactly happened as film was just able to match the Day 1 collections. With 10 crores coming in on Sunday, film has made a 30.25 crore weekend. All eyes will be on Monday and a decent 45-50% will mean a decent trending and Half Girlfriend will be able to have a decent couple of weeks at the box office. Anything more than a 50% drop will be alarming and film might fold at a 55-57 crore lifetime which will make it an average affair at the box office. Film definitely needs a 5-5.5 crore Monday in order to have a chance of a Semi-Hit at the box office.


Day 1 – 10 Cr

Day 2 – 10.25 Cr

Day 3 – 10 Cr

Total – 30.25 Cr