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Aa Gaya Hero Movie Review!


Aa Gaya Hero (The Hero Returns) finally opens in cinemas after several changes to its release schedule. It shares almost nothing in common with the 90s hit movie Hero No.1 except its star, Govinda.

Govinda is seen here playing a cop in a lead here with largely unknown actors. The film begins with a case of serial bomb blasts. Various men with heads wrapped in saris or scarves, one with a distinctive and menacing laugh, are behind the crime. From a living room somewhere, terrible, terrible computer graphics catapult the man with laugh into a cave where he is facing high tech equipment. It’s so tacky you wonder why they bothered to keep that shot because the cave isn’t significant in what is going to transpire in the next two hours.

ACP Ravindra Verma (Govinda) doesn’t wait for orders to take action because “he’s not a waiter”. As he puts it, “Na saboot dhoondta hoon, na gawah dhoondta hoon, mujrim nazar aaye toh channey ki tarah bhoonta hoon.” Marching down to Rashtrapati Bhawan, he shares the grouse of law and order keepers with the PM and how India doesn’t arm them with the license to kill. This he pins as a reason for the country’s disproportionate crime rate and he’s assigned a secret mission. 

Govinda also intends to jump off cliffs, dance his heart out and deliver dialogues like: “Naam puchhne se pehle diaper toh pehan le. Saaf kya tera baap karega?”

here are characters who appear and disappear at will, comic sequences that make Comedy Nights Bachao feel like Saturday Night Live and girls whose dressing sense is as bad as their performances.the movie’s treatment of female characters is a complete sham, especially when we are working hard towards women empowerment. Every baddie in the movie wants to scream out every line, while the junior artists seem to have been told that acting means trembling your body. The dialogues are total gems like ‘Makkhi ke Pankh nikalne se makkhi pari nahi hoti’ or ‘I am a nature’, I kid you not. The screenplay is so much in ruins that Govinda feels the need to explain every random stuff through a voiceover.

The dancing hero still has the energy and eagerness, but ‘Aa Gaya Hero’ just makes you wonder kahan gaya hero?

Bollynumber would like to rate with 2 star for the sake of Govinda’s 90’s films!


Aa Gaya Hero Beaten by The Beauty And The Beast. Aa Gaya Hero on the other hand is extremely low on buzz to drive multiplex audiences. first Tuesday business was 0.125 Crores nett. The Approximate Business Is As Follows:

Day 1 – 0.20 Cr

Day 2 – 0.20 Cr

Day 3  – 0.25 Cr

Day 4 – 0.15 Cr

Day 5 – 0.125 Cr

Total – 0.925 Cr